Our Approach

The main foundation of IRIE logic is software development. We design and develop world class applications for the Microsoft Windows platforms. Complementary software has also been developed on the Linux and Solaris Unix platforms.

All software development projects completed by IRIE logic are subject to our strict internal programming conventions and with some members of our team having more than 20 years of corporate software development we are confident we have the discipline to produce nothing less than software excellence.

Analysis & Design

The initial stage of producing a system is to determine the exact data and processing requirements of the application. It is important that IRIE logic solutions become familiar with the requirements and validate the design with contacts at the organisation before development is started. This design stage will involve IRIE logic solutions working together with nominated project sponsors to define the requirements of the new system. The more effort and time placed at this stage of the development cycle will reduce the time and cost of the development, testing and training components hence ensure the overall success of the project.


IRIE logic solutions have recognised the trend towards various rapid development environments available on the market today and where appropriate will be employed in the project. We also recognise the need to use professional tools and development environments to produce truly professional industrial strength components. We will balance the positive aspects of each methodology to provide you with the best solution for the optimum price.

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