At IRIE logic solutions we specialise in designing and developing custom applications to meet your exact needs. Over the years many of these applications have become integral to our clients business and sometimes we've had time to develop a few solutions of our own.

Our products include:


Transactor2000 is a customised facility that enables you to conduct credit card transactions securely and efficiently. A Microsoft Server based host and any number of clients allow you to process cardholder not present transactions from your website or application software.

DataSnip    (Coming Soon!)

The ultimate simplicity in remote data access!

A Microsoft Windows server facility providing a secure broker service to your database or data sources. Unix or Windows Web services can simply make data requests in real-time via the built in secure VPN communications.

Your website (or websites) need only retain static content information with all dynamic information retrieved from a secure centrally controlled repository. Those synchronisation issues that have continually plagued webstores can now be solved in an instant by storing stock and order data in centrally controlled repository away from the website, even on the head office LAN.

VPN security can be implemented with a standard SSL certificate handshake and encryption or optionally utilise proprietary high level encryption using a choice of well known industry standard encryption methods.

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