Transactor2000 is a 'turn key solution' that enables you to conduct electronic business transactions in multi-currency or NZD, securely and efficiently from your application software or website.

Transactor2000 makes processing your WEB, Active-X or Database real-time transactions faster and easier than ever. Increased performance equals reduced costs. Check out the features......

  • All major currencies supported including US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, French franc, German deutschmark, Great Britain pound, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, Singapore dollar, South African rand and Swiss franc
  • Further currencies to be included according to demand
  • Customers are billed the exact currency amount
  • Available to Visa and MasterCard holders
  • Next day business payment
  • Payment in New Zealand dollars
  • Provision for pre-authorised sales with subsequent completion once the goods have been dispatched

Transactor2000 has extensive features covered in its own Web Site, incorporating a FULL online demonstration in conjunction with Bank of New Zealand.

We will redirect you there in approximately 20 seconds.

Bank of New Zealand